Cheyenne Hawk Safety Cartridges Tattoo Needles - Round Shader (20pcs/box)

Cheyenne Hawk

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment provides precisely working machines and sophisticated technology.However, In the highly unlikely event  you experience a problem with your product, warranty is directly covered by Cheyenne, we will give you instructions of how to contact Cheyenne directly to resolve your issue.
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5 Round Shader - Cheyenne Cartridges (20pcs/box)
7 Round Shader - Cheyenne Cartridges (20pcs/box)
9 Round Shader - Cheyenne Cartridges (20pcs/box)
11 Round Shader - Cheyenne Cartridges (20pcs/box)
13 Round Shader - Cheyenne Cartridges (20pcs/box)
15 Round Shader - Cheyenne Cartridges (20pcs/box)

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Hawk Needle Cartridges work in the Hawk Thunder Machine, Hawk Grips and Hawk Pen

The broad variety of needle heads for the CHEYENNE machines is really thought through well!

Its secret is the top-quality of the needles meeting professional tattooists' standards! Thanks to the different sizes of liners and shaders there are no limits to the artists individual creative freedom.

Filling in the colors is as easy as applying it with the top-class needles - either by dipping the running machine into a small pot of color or by filling color into the upper opening of the cartridge. What is more, the single-use material can quickly be changed and allows for perfect, uncomplicated and hygienic work!


The broad and ever growing selection of needle heads of different configurations leaves more and more freedom for artistic development.

The CHEYENNE liners are available in different sizes and bring about accurate, fine lines with a high percentage of color in the skin. Simple as well as complex outlines can be applied faster and a lot less complicated. Larger parts can easily be shaded with colors from rich black to fine color nuances. Therefore there are different sizes of shaders which enable the rapid and clean working on the picture.

Highest precision in the control of the needle is reached by the industrial manufacturing of the needle heads. Apart from particular accuracy in punctures, the cartridges guarantee for punctures that don't tear.

For the artist this means a more exact picture. For the customer this means:

  • less pain
  • less skin irritation
  • faster skin-healing process

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