Cheyenne SOL Luna

Cheyenne Sol Luna - Black (Machine only)
With Cheyenne's technology, it is now possible to control the motor with different algorithms, extremely low vibration and reduced heat generation, coupled with a powerful motor - Discover the Cheyenne SOL Luna. A revolutionary tattoo machine that provides an extremely clean stitch pattern and reduced pain during use.

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Cheyenne Sol Luna - Black (Machine only)

The Cheyenne SOL Luna sets a new standard for angled tattoo machines: From now on you can expect an unmistakable working experience with the possibility to choose between two different algorithms of the motor.
This new revolutionary technology offers two different settings: Responsive Mode and Steady Mode. The motor's electronics are set differently when you change them. Experience two completely different feelings. Some artists describe Responsive Mode as "Like a traditional coil machine". Others describe Steady Mode as "the best liner machine ever".
The SOL Luna allows you to control the motor with different algorithms, but always remains powerful and gentle to the skin. This results in an extremely clean stitch pattern, a reduced sensation of pain during use and an accelerated healing process.
The 2.5mm stroke makes the SOL Luna the top tattoo device for smooth transitions and shades in colour realism and Black&Grey work. The Cheyenne tattoo machine works from 25 Hertz in the low frequency range and can be raised up to 150 Hertz. With the SOL Luna you can always be sure of low-noise work with low vibration.
Our elaborate anodising process enables easy and safe cleaning of the tattoo machine for hygienic work. Of course, the classic Cheyenne handles as well as our Safety and Craft needle modules are the best companions to use your SOL Luna under optimal conditions. All Cheyenne power supplies from 2.5 amps are also compatible with the SOL Luna for reliable machine control.

Technical Data:

  • Nominal voltage: 5 to 12.6 V DC
  • Power input: 3W
  • Operating frequency: 25 -150 Hz
  • Stroke length: 2.5mm
  • Needle Extension: 0 - 4.0mm
  • Connection: 3.5mm jack
  • Drive: brushless DC motor
  • Dimensions: Ø 36mm, 94.2mm x 57.5mm
  • Weight: 87g without hand piece
  • Operating mode: Continuous operation
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