Papa Cartridge - #8 Bugpin Magnum Curve

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9 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C809MC-1) - Papa Cartridge
11 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C811MC-1) - Papa Cartridge
13 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C813MC-1) - Papa Cartridge
15 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C815MC-1) - Papa Cartridge
17 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C817MC-1) - Papa Cartridge
23 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C823MC-1) - Papa Cartridge
27 Magnum Curve Bugpin (C827MC-1) - Papa Cartridge

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Papa Cartridge Needles

Papa Cartridge Needle surpasses all limits and provides artist with unlimited freedom. Papa Cartridge Needle offers 150+ different needle configurations to support every style of tattooing. Papa Cartridge Needle is fixated in a tight cartridge casing, which ensures minimal movement of the needles. This will provide artist quality precision and leave them with astonishing artwork.

Papa Cartridge Needle is quick and easy to use with The Papa Pen. Swapping through 150+ Cartridge Needles configurations is done within seconds. Papa Cartridge Needle is comes in 20 pieces and fits in a very small box for easy traveling.

Papa Cartridge Needle is available three gages - 12 gage standard, 10 gage bugpin, and 8 gage bugpin. Papa Cartridge Needle offers Round Liner (Regular (RL), Tight (RLT)), Round Shader (Long Taper (-1), Medium Taper (-2)), Magnum (Long Taper (-1), Medium Taper (-2)), and Curved Magnum (Long Taper (-1), Medium Taper (-2)).


Round Liner -

CP1401RL, C1203RL, C1204RL, C1205RL, C1207RL, C1208RL, C1209RL, C1210RL, C1211RL, C1213RL, C1214RL, C1215RL, C1218RL

C1203RLT, C1205RLT, C1207RLT, C1209RLT, C1211RLT, C1214RLT

C1003RLT, C1005RLT, C1007RLT, C1008RLT, C1009RLT

C803RLT, C805RLT, C807RLT, C808RLT, C809RLT,

Round Shader -

C1205RS, C1207RS, C1208RS, C1209RS, C1211RS, C1214RS

Magnum -

C1205M-1, C1207M-1, C1209M-1, C1211M-1, C1213M-1, C1215M-1, C1217M-1, C1223M-1

C1207M-2, C1209M-2, C1211M-2, C1213M-2

C1007M-1, C1009M-1, C1011M-1, C1013M-1, C1015M-1, C1023M-1

C809M-1, C811M-1, C813M-1, C815M-1, C817M-1

Curved Magnum -

C1205MC-1, C1207MC-1, C1209MC-1, C1211MC-1, C1213MC-1, C1215MC-1, C1217MC-1, C1223MC-1

C1207MC-2, C1209MC-2, C1211MC-2, C1213MC-2

C1007MC-1, C1009MC-1, C1011MC-1, C1013MC-1, C1015MC-1, C1017MC-1, C1023MC-1, C1027MC-1

C809MC-1, C811MC-1, C813MC-1, C815MC-1, C817MC-1

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